Best elevator company I have worked with in my past 15 years of experience in construction in the US, ranging from $1.5M to $160M overall construction value. Genesis Elevator company has very professional, timely and responsive employees, using a very different approach to the elevator business, where customers truly come first.”

– Oguz Eribac, Senior Project Manager,
Hogan Construction Group, LLC

The Process

As a client, a project management professional will guide you through the following stages:

  1. Initial Contact: From your first call Genesis will evaluate your needs and work closely with you developing the best solution for your project.
  2. Site Review: Your Genesis professional will meet with you on site and discuss what options and modifications best fits your needs and budget. A comprehensive proposal will then be presented for your acceptance.
  3. Installation: Your Genesis professional will coordinate with you when the project will begin and how long the installation will take.
  4. Commissioning: Your Genesis professional will perform a comprehensive audit to ensure a safe, reliable and quality product. Our relationship does not end after your product is installed and functioning, we will provide a complete system overview to ensure end user safety.
  5. Warranty and Service: All Genesis products feature an extensive warranty. Extended service options are available.

What to expect from an
elevator company

Numerous elevator companies exist in today’s marketplace. How can you ensure your selection is reputable, safe, reliable and one that gives consideration what’s best for your project and not overselling?


The company should place importance on integrity, excellence and quality.

Our leadership ensures those principles are carried out by every member of our team.


The elevator company, its contractors and vendors should all be approved businesses licensed by the state.

Genesis meets all local, state and federal licensing requirements.


The company you select should have sufficient insurance coverage so you are protected.

Genesis carries general liability insurance of $4 million which exceeds the state requirement. Genesis can provide a payment and performance bond for your project if requested.


Just because someone can buy an elevator product does not mean they have the knowledge and expertise needed to safely install an elevator.

The leadership team at Genesis has more than 40 years of experience.

Customer Service

Talk to companies about their process. They should be willing to share as much information as necessary to ensure you are comfortable with the company and fully understand the process. Find out if they offer a total solution or if you will be responsible for hiring and coordinating supplemental services and contractors

Genesis offers a comprehensive solution. We coordinate every aspect of your project and utilize the finest craftsmen and equipment available.


Who do you contact in the event something happens with your residential elevator? Will you call the installation company, equipment manufacturer or building contractor?

Should an issue ever arise, you can call Genesis directly for as long as you own your product.