In need of an elevator for your home or small business but concerned that you can not afford it or don’t have the space? Look no further, the answer is here! Technically named the “Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator”, this light  and space saving structure will put you on the cutting edge of technology. Pneumatic elevators are controlled simply by the displacement of air. The difference in the air pressure above and below the vacuum cab literally transports it’s passengers by air. Pneumatic vacuum elevators can be installed in almost any home or small business. They are easier to maintain and operate than traditional traction or hydraulic elevators. Available with 2 or 3 stops this elevator offers flexibility and speed as well as a sleek and compact design.  They are very energy efficient and are extremely safe.This elevator can be purchased on a budget and will add exceptional value to your home or business. Installation is quick, easy and does not create a lot of floor -plan interference. Add conveience and modernization with this elegant and new age design by call Genesis Elevator of Atlanta Georgia today.