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Genesis Repairs and Service

If you are in need of elevator repair for your home or business, we recommend that you call our qualified elevator repair specialist that will offer you sound advice and help get your repair underway.

Setting up a service contract can save you time, money, and aggravation in the long run, and Genesis Elevator Company has the tools to give you next level service. Give us a call today to set up your service and repairs!



Monthly Checkup: Elevator Telephones and Alarm Bells

If you are a building owner, you have quite a list of monthly checks to complete each month to keep your building functioning correctly. One you should not overlook is the importance of doing a monthly check on the emergency telephone and alarm bell of your elevator. This could really change your tenants’ or customers’ opinion on your building if an entrapment ever were to happen. By checking these functions monthly, the response time for these situations is greatly reduced, and in turn, this will give your tenants and customers peace of mind that their welfare and safety is a top priority.

By doing this test monthly, you know that your systems are functioning correctly someone can be notified and respond immediately in the rare case of an entrapment and address it quickly.  Genesis Elevator Company prides itself on our response time to emergency situations, and we are happy to assist you with any questions on how to keep your elevator safe and in state compliance.


Aging in Place: Home Elevator 101

Homeowners are living longer in their home. According to the National Association of Realtors, home buyers in 2011 expect to live in their home 15 years on average, more than double the 6-year average in 2007. Buyers 65 years of age and older expect to live there even longer, on average 20 years; they are now purchasing their homes with the intention of “aging in place” near families and friends and in their local community. As such, it should be no surprise to hear last year alone over 94,000 homeowners found a residential elevator essential to install in their new homes.

Regardless of age, when remaining in a home for an extended period, people often find themselves caring for parents and family with reduced mobility. Either for yourself or a loved one, an elevator in the home ensures convenient, safe multi-story access, oftentimes being the difference between staying in your home or moving to another residence. Residential elevators in the home provide you with that added peace of mind.

Genesis Elevator Company can help you meet that need;  let us custom build your home elevator today!




Residential Service Agreements

If you are a home owner with an elevator, dumbwaiter, etc. that is out of warranty, the best thing you can do for yourself and your elevator is to purchase a service and maintenance contract. The advantages of securing an annual agreement are many, but to start, you will have priority service over the daily call-in repairs which could save you up to a week in repair time. Additionally, you will have scheduled preventative maintenance visits, and receive a 20% discount of replacement parts.

Your home elevator is an investment in accessibility and your long-term mobility, and your residential service contract is what gives that investment continued value. Call Genesis Elevator Company of Atlanta today for more information on how we can fulfill your service needs!



Athens-Clarke County Jail

Genesis Elevator Company recently completed an install of a wheelchair lift at the new addition to the Athens Jail.  The new jail features state of the art security technology, including this lift in the central guard control room.

ACC Jail


Genesis and the Atlanta Holiday Home

Genesis was invited by Harrison Design Associates and Atlanta Home and Lifestyles Magazine to take part in the 2015 Home for the Holidays Designer Show House.  Once we had an opportunity to learn a little more about the designers involved and the cause being supported, how could we say no?

White Oak is the developer on the project and Sheehan Built Homes is the general contractor.  This is the making of an excellent team and we are thrilled to join them.  Genesis Elevator Company is providing a traditional 3-stop hydraulic residential elevator.  Together with one of our wonderful equipment manufacturers, we are providing what is known as the top of the line residential elevator technology in the industry.

So come take a tour this holiday season and make sure you stop by to take a ride on our home elevator.



In the continually evolving world of vertical transportation technology, finding the most reliable, innovative, energy-efficient and eco friendly products can seem daunting. Genesis Elevator Company is here to help!

Whether you are looking for freight elevator, passenger elevator or a platform lift, Genesis Elevator Company will help you navigate the ever changing landscape of elevator technology.

Genesis Elevator Company will happily create a customized solution to your elevator needs whether it is a new commercial or residential install or modernizing, servicing and repairing an existing model.

Give Genesis a call today! 770-423-1095



Never Fear, Genesis is Here!

Many people are afraid of elevators: tight spaces, strange noises, and a fear of falling are some of the common reason for this phobia.

For those of you who are fearful, we have an interesting piece of trivia for you: elevators are the safest means of vertical transportation there is! 

On hydraulic elevators for example the elevator can only “fall” as fast as oil can leak out of the system; this is a controlled decent and this speed is certainly nowhere close to terminal velocity even in the unlikely event of a failure.  Every elevator in Georgia is held to a very stringent set of codes and are inspected by the state regularly.  Genesis Elevator Company strives to not only meet, but exceed these code requirements every time.

Most of the noises heard while riding an elevator are due to routine maintenance needs such as lubrication or perhaps a small adjustment. More often than not any noises you may hear on an elevator are nothing that should cause riders to fear.

If you do have concerns with your commercial elevator give Genesis Elevator Company a call today!  Chances are your elevator just needs a small repair or our “next level” service and maintenance program!




Happy Labor Day from Genesis Elevator!


From all of us at Genesis Elevator Company of Atlanta, we wish all of you a safe and Happy Labor Day!

According to the Department of Labor, Labor Day has been observed as a national holiday since 1894 to celebrate “the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.”

Today, we salute all of the hard workers who have made our country what it is today, including all of the men and women of Genesis Elevator Company.


Purchasing Power

Be careful when you are purchasing and specifying your new elevator equipment!

Often times in new construction it can be very tempting to specify and purchase the latest and greatest state of the art elevator technology.  After all, we all want our respective projects to be the best design out there.  However, lots of owners, general contractors, architects, and developers fall prey to this and do not understand that, more often than not, this technology comes with proprietary equipment.  This means that the owner cannot solicit competitive bids for elevator service or perhaps even repair work down the road!

Don’t let yourself get handcuffed for the life of the equipment to the Original Equipment Manufacturer.  To make matters worse, once installed, the OEM essentially has a license to charge exorbitant service, maintenance and repair fees for their elevator because they are the only people who have the parts to work on them. We always suggest specifying and purchasing non-proprietary controllers whenever purchasing an elevator.

Call Genesis Elevator Company of Atlanta today for assistance in writing specifications or pricing to ensure that your building is getting non-proprietary equipment. 770-423-1095