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Going Coastal

Installing home elevators in harsh coastal environments can present many challenges. All elevators installed by Genesis Elevator Company are made to deal with the rigors of damp salty conditions of Florida and Georgia coastal elevator installations. This, in turn, provides years of quality service and less service issues for decades of use.

Our team of experts are equipped with the knowledge and experience to properly set up your home elevator installation, and recommend  solutions for keeping your elevator equipment above the floodplain. We will work with your subcontractors, framers, and electricians to make sure your home elevator is fully code compliant such as the one installed in St. George Island, FL  pictured here.

FL Above Flood Plain

FL Elevator 1

Once your elevator install is complete we have affordable service and maintenance plans to provide years of worry-free operation.

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Play Ball!

Genesis is proud to be part of the team working at The Views at Gwinnett Place Stadium.  This project is a multi-family condominium complex that overlooks CoolRay Field.  Residents can, quite literally, sit on the comfort of their patio and enjoy the best seat in the house.

The goal for all contractors involved is to be open in time for the season opener!

Genesis Elevator of Atlanta, Georgia is excited to be a part of this project.


Modernization for Beginners

Should you Modernize?

Elevators are a great responsibility. Do you know the code?

1.What version of The National Elevator Code is your jurisdiction operating under?

The Society of Mechanical Engineers publishes The National Elevator Code every 3 years, as well as updating the code annually, but different jurisdictions operate under different editions of the code.

2. What is the scope of work?: Repair vs. Alteration

In the elevator industry, “modernization” is defined as an “alteration”, and most alterations will require that the rest of the elevator system be brought up to the current code edition. It is critical to evaluate your elevator system needs to determine if a simple repair will provide you with the improved operation, or if a complete modernization will be required.

Genesis Elevator Company can help you understand these questions and more!

Genesis Elevator’s service, maintenance and repair specialists are well-versed in the National Elevator Code and can help elevator owners determine what is needed to make an elevator run properly. Whether your elevator requires the replacement of a device, component, or an entire subsystem, our team of specialists will walk you through the necessary steps to keep your elevator efficient and safe.


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before mod


Genesis and Gus Pounds Homes

Genesis Elevator Company of Atlanta partnered with Gus Pounds Homes to install a new home elevator.

1 Gus Pounds

Home elevators add value to your home as well as accessibility. There are a wide variety of customization options available to make your home elevator match the beauty of your home.

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Courtyard Marriott Carrollton

Genesis Elevator Company is preparing to begin the installation of 2 commercial elevators at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel in downtown Carrollton, Georgia!

We are excited to partner up with our partners over at RA-LIN to install these commercial elevators!


Fresh from the Press!

Yesterday, February 22, Genesis Elevator Company of Atlanta was part of a special feature in the Atlanta Journal Constitution!

Joe Garcia and his wife Jayne Berry recently built their dream home on Lake Lanier. The Garcia’s enlisted Genesis Elevator Company to install an elevator that would match the style of their home.

For pictures and information on the design of this beautiful home, please follow the link to the original article from the AJC HERE.

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A Happy Elevator

A clean elevator is a happy elevator!

Next time your elevator maintenance tech is on your property to perform service ask them to show you the elevator pit.  It is important to keep the elevator pit on commercial elevators clean and free of debris and oil.

If you suspect your not getting your money’s worth on your commercial elevator service please contact Genesis Elevator of Atlanta for a quotation! 770-423-1095

Stew 2


Going Commercial?

Are you trying to add a commercial elevator to your building design?

Are you considering an elevator modernization?

How do you figure out how large or how much of a capacity to make it?

After considering all these potential needs, contact Genesis Elevator of Atlanta, Georgia for elevator guidance! We can offer you a variety of shapes & capacities. Every elevator company, however, will be restricted to some degree based upon commercial elevator code.

Stew 1


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The Stoked Stokesman!

Genesis Elevator Company completed a residential elevator installation for the Stokesman Residence.

As you can see, Mr. Stokesman is very excited to be in his beautiful new elevator.Stokesman


Home elevators can be customized in a wide variety of ways. To add beauty and value to your home, call Genesis Elevator today! 770-423-1095


An Elevator for the Brunet Family!

Genesis Elevator Company completed a residential elevator installation for the Brunet family.

Oakmont_Brunet 3


Home elevators are a great way to improve the value of your home, as well as adding beauty.


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