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What Can Genesis Do for You?

Genesis Elevator Company has been a non-union company in the greater Atlanta-Metro Area for nearly 9 years. We specialize in repairs and service contracts, servicing the greater Atlanta-Metro Area as well as most parts of Georgia. Genesis also provides elevator cab and equipment modernizations, as well as new construction for residential and commercial construction projects.

With these comprehensive capabilities, Genesis Elevator Company is well equipped to care for all of your elevator needs. Call Genesis today! 770-423-1095



Custom Home Elevators

Here at Genesis Elevator Company every elevator installed is custom built to meet the customer’s needs and preferences.  We do not have the first elevator on the shelf.  Recently, we provided a home elevator solution for Tony Reaves with “Intown Builders Group”.  Tony claims that he “builds superior craftsmanship into each home” and the home recently built on Ridgewood in Atlanta completely supports that claim.

As part of this project, Tony built a stunning home office and acquired the talented services of Dennis Eaves to provide the trim in the home.  Impressed with the office trim package, Tony decided that he wanted Dennis to carry that same look into the elevator.  Genesis provided a 3 stop hydraulic elevator with a stain grade unfinished flat wall Sapele cab.  Dennis was more than up for the challenge trimming the inside of the cab.  By the looks of the pictures, his craftsmanship is worthy of any high end Buckhead home.  Well done gentleman!

In Town 1

in town 2


Do you like what you see? Contact Genesis Elevator today for your custom home elevator needs! 770-423-1095


Reinforced Hoistway Door Gibs

For heavy duty elevators, such as those found at colleges, we recommend replacing regular hoistway door gibs with reinforced gibs. Reinforced gibs can handle over 18,000 lbs of force and are ideal for heavy duty locations that have frequent traffic.

What improvements can be made to your existing elevator? Is your elevator in need of repair? Call Genesis Elevator Company of Atlanta today! We will send one of our service and repair specialists to give you an estimate to modify, repair or service your elevator!



Space Saving Elevators

Comparatively speaking, home elevators take up much less space than stairwells, thus helping to save quite a bit of space. This is largely due to the fact that the hoistway housing the residential elevator takes up a small amount of space. In some cases, the elevator can even be installed outside on an external wall, providing an indoor entry at each level.

Call Genesis Elevator Company and let us show you how.



Home Elevators: Practical and Affordable Accessibility

With residential elevators becoming more affordable and popular, homeowners are showcasing them as a stylish characteristic to their home. As mentioned in our previous post, a home elevator is an investment that will benefit you and your family for years to come as your needs change.  With this in mind, the trend in today’s home design is to at the very least, stack closets preparing for the inevitable future home elevator.

Residential elevators are no longer just for the affluent members of our society. More homeowners are understanding the value of a home elevator and how small the cost. With the benefits of this highly coveted technology clearly it is more affordable than ever to own your own home elevator. Genesis Elevator Company can show you how.homelift_17


Increase Your Home’s Value

Adding a Residential Elevator increases the value of your home.  For many people, installing a home elevator is an added benefit when reselling their property. Many prospective buyers are attracted to homes with elevators making it a profitable investment for homeowners. These buyers may be interested in future mobility, or have a family member in need of the elevator. Regardless of the explicit reason, having one can increase your home’s desirability and equity.

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Doing the Right Thing: AJ’s Story

At Genesis Elevator Company, we deeply value the motto “Do the Right Thing”.

We want to recognize one of our service technicians for an outstanding example of this set of values. Yesterday while he was performing a Residential PM, AJ found a diamond ring in the pit of the elevator. He immediately brought the ring up to the owners.

The owners were blown away that AJ had not only found a family heirloom, which had been missing for a year, but they were truly blown away by his integrity.

We are so proud of AJ’s dedication to integrity, honesty and doing the right thing. Way to go!



Inclined Platform Lift

Do you have a set of stairs and need to meet ADA standards?  Don’t look for shortcuts like in the photo below:

wheelchair ramp

You can easily have an inclined platform lift installed!

Contact Genesis Elevator Company of Atlanta, GA for your commercial elevator and vertical transportation needs!  770-423-1095

Coke IPLs


Adjusting to Accessibility Needs

Over the years, as your mobility needs change, a residential elevator can provide a means of easily adjusting to those needs in your home.  Retrofitting an elevator into an existing home is as simple as stacking closets.  If you are able to stack closets either on the inside or outside of your home, we are able to install a residential elevator.  It is truly that simple.

As a courtesy, Genesis Elevator Company will provide a site visit to help you determine a best location and best technology to meet your needs.  In that visit we will share with you the different systems available, the benefits of each, and a total project cost.  Let us know if there is an interest as we always welcome the opportunity of “taking you to the next level”.



Why are Modernizations Important?

Why are elevator modernizations important?

To answer the question simply, elevator modernizations are important because elevators and vertical transportation equipment are important. Elevators enable the population density and city structures that we have today.

Elevators, like anything mechanical can have their service life and performance effected by age or lack of maintenance. Whether it is a small hydraulic elevator in an apartment block, a home elevator or an vertical platform lift the elevator system is one of the most important components of a building. Elevators and other vertical transportation provide accessibility to tenants and customers, as well as the ability to move materials and goods throughout buildings for maintenance staff.

Genesis Elevator Company of Atlanta has service, repair and modernization specialists who are here to help you maintain, update and repair your vertical transportation equipment. We understand the importance of safety and accessibility, and we want to take you to the next level. Call Genesis Elevator Company of Atlanta today at 770-423-1095.