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Genesis Elevator Company Hires Covert

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Genesis Elevator Company Inc. has announced the promotion of Ryan Covert to Director of Residential Service. Genesis Elevator is a leader in providing residential and commercial property mobility solutions. Genesis provides superior elevator and automated accessibility equipment, maintenance, repair and modernization services. In this new role, Ryan will be tasked with further development of our Residential Service business throughout the various markets we service and serve as a member of our Leadership Group.

After graduating from Emory University in 2008 with a BBA in Business, Ryan became a Partner and Managing Director of True Lacrosse out of Chicago, IL. Ryan and his two partners grew this enterprise to 22 full time staff in 8 states. Ryan then started in the elevator industry where he served as key account executive for major service accounts in the Atlanta area.

While at Emory, Ryan played lacrosse for the college and served as Team Captain for 3 years. He then played professional Lacrosse with the Chicago Machine. Ryan continues to be involved in lacrosse through coaching and giving clinics in the Atlanta area.


Everyday Elevators

More and more homeowners are recognizing the benefits of installing elevators in their homes. A residential elevator can improve mobility and make all of the rooms in a home accessible to a person who has trouble using the stairs or who gets around in a wheelchair. An elevator can also be helpful for everyday tasks, such as carrying laundry to and from the basement or transporting groceries to the kitchen. In addition, an elevator can increase a home’s value.

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If you are considering installing an elevator in your home, you have many options. The type of elevator you choose will depend to a large extent on the design of your home. A traditional elevator will be more appropriate for an older home, while a contemporary pneumatic elevator will be more appropriate for a modern house. The choice will also depend on the amount of space you have available, as well as your personal preference.

Call Genesis Elevator Company and we will provide a survey of your home and provide options as to a technologically best fit for your home.



Fitting Your Needs

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No is job too BIG or too small!  Genesis Elevator Company of Atlanta specializes and excells in service, repairs, maintienance and modernizations of commercial and residential elevator equipment.

Whether you need something as large as a complete modernization or a small repair or survey, Genesis Elevator is on the job!

Contact us at Genesis Elevator Company in Kennesaw, GA –  770-423-1095


Are You a Strategic Home Owner?

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Today, home elevators are no longer considered just for the disabled.  Smart home owners realize that they are extremely functional for the modern lifestyle. Home elevators, additionally, are still a relative bargain compared to the rising cost of living expenses.  According to the National Home Builders Association, residential elevators are a strategic element of a home, increasing the home value by as much as 10%.


Are you ready to take your home’s value to the next level? Call Genesis Elevator Company for your elevator estimate!



Tennis Anyone?

Genesis Elevator Company recently completed an elevator installation at the Ken Byers Tennis Complex at Georgia Tech.

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Do you have a need for new elevator installation? We install, modernize, maintain and repair elevators throughout Georgia, particularly in the metro Atlanta area.

Give Genesis Elevator Company a call today for pricing!




Which Elevator is Right for You?

When considering your new residential elevator it is best to determine what type of suspension method you prefer and what your particular building conditions warrant.   The most common methods for residential elevators are roped hydraulic and counterweight chain.  The pneumatic vacuum elevator is also quickly gaining popularity.
Roped Hydraulic
This method is primarily used when a remote power unit location is necessary. A power unit consists of the motor, control valve, pump and oil reservoir.  No other system will allow for the location of the power unit to be located remotely and not in line with the guide rails of the elevator.  This system is known in the industry to be the quiet smooth ride.

This method uses counterweights to offset the car or “cab” weight, allowing for the use of smaller motors and control drives. It is imperative that the motor mount is in the overhead and in line with the guide rails. The benefit of this system is the opportunity of installing a home elevator without the need of a machine room.

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When selecting a home elevator best for you, education is the key.  Genesis Elevator Company has served well over 1,000 homeowners and we have installed every technology in the industry.  We provide certified classes to architects, contractors, and designers detailing the available technologies in the home elevator industry.  We discuss the benefits of each system and the construction requirements.  We have tailored this program to be a simple to understand program for the home owner.

Contact us and we will be glad to schedule a visit to share with you the benefits and features of the available technologies.



Next Level Performance

Is your elevator making sounds? Not leveling at the landings?

Maybe it’s time for a elevator survey to check performance! Don’t ignore the signs of possible repairs looming that can result in serious damage, safety issues, and expensive repairs down the road.

Call Genesis Elevator Company’s professional team of elevator specialists today for an elevator review, and peace of mind!



Are You Up to Code?

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Most likely, your experience into the obscure world of elevators has been to simply push a button in an office or hotel and then safely arriving at your destination. The process behind this everyday occurrence is much more complex; did you know that all elevators, including home elevators, are highly regulated in the state of Georgia?

The national code that regulates the manufacture and installation of all elevators is called ASME A17.1 (American Society of Mechanical Engineers).  This document is adopted by individual states with deletions, additions and amendments. In the state of Georgia, every home elevator must be permitted and inspected in accordance with this code.

The state authority that regulates elevators installed in Georgia is the Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner.  Outside of the state of Georgia, many states exempt home elevators from inspection.  This unique condition makes it incumbent upon the owner, that he or she, has a certain elevator knowledge and deal only with qualified, licensed elevator companies.

For peace of mind, contact Genesis Elevator Company to ensure that your residential elevator is compliant to the state and national code.



Meeting ADA Requirements

Do you need to meet the requirements for the Americans with Disabilities Act, but paying for a full-blown elevator is not in your budget? Genesis Elevator Company has solutions for you!

Consider purchasing a Vertical Platform Lift, also known as, a Wheelchair lift.  These are the smallest form of vertical transportation allowed in a commercial setting by code.  These lifts can typically fit a person in a wheelchair with their care taker. These lifts are limited to 14 feet of vertical rise, and they are great in many settings: churches, schools, office buildings, warehouses, theaters and court houses.

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Please contact Genesis Elevator today and remember that we also do repairs, modernization, and service on wheelchair lifts.



Local is the Place to be!

Choosing a local home elevator installation company is important for several reasons:

First, we are versed in the requirements of local jurisdictions which allows us to produce a code compliant product tailored to the market. This ensures the continuity of your project with a seamless installation and inspection process.

Secondly, being a local installation company allows us to make adaptations to irregular requests or job conditions, without the added cost of a Special Request Order.

Genesis Elevator Company is looking forward to “taking you to the next level”.

Call us today! 770-423-1095

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