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Bring in the New Year Changes with Genesis Elevator Company!

As we all think about our New Year’s resolutions for 2017, one thing you may be considering is updating a new or existing home with mobility options! Whether it be purely for aesthetics or a genuine mobility need from an injury, or you have become a recent wheelchair recipient, Genesis Elevator Company of Atlanta, Ga. can assist you with any questions or concerns you may have to help you receive your perfect mobility solution. Whether you are unsure about space limitations or even the best option to fit within your budget, we have the experience and expertise you are looking for. We not only offer elevators, but also Inclined Platform Lifts as well as Vertical Platform Lifts at an affordable price. You can count on great products as well as wonderful service from our team! We treat our customers as we would like to treated…with respect and appreciation for your business! All of us here at Genesis Elevator want to wish all of you a happy and prosperous New Year for 2017!




All of us at Genesis Elevator would like to congratulate the following four men on their well deserved promotions! A job well done gentlemen!

Steven Kile – Service and Minor Repair Supervisor
Patrick O’hara – Modernization and Major Repair Superintendent
Michael Tilley – Commercial New Equipment Supervisor
Joe Wright – Residential New Equipment Supervisor


Merry Christmas!

On behalf of the team at Genesis Elevator, we wish you a very Merry Christmas!
If we did business during 2016, “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”
If not, call us for the opportunity to do business together in 2017.
May 2017 be a very prosperous time for you and your business! 

Genesis Elevator Company of Atlanta, Ga. Taking You To The Next Level


What Really Matters!

While we are all focused on the hustle and bustle this Christmas season, may we not forget what truly matters! Gift giving, fun, family….all those things are very important and are all blessings from God, but if we take our eyes off the real reason we are able to celebrate and do these things, we  miss the heart of it all, which is Jesus! May we keep our eyes focused on the real meaning of Christmas and share the love, joy, and peace with those who do not know Him so that they may too have the eternal hope that we’ve been offered from the day of His birth until now! We at Genesis pray that each of you, our friends, know this true meaning and have found everlasting peace through a baby born in a manger for each one of our souls! God bless and Merry Christmas from each of us here at Genesis Elevator Company of Atlanta, Ga.! 


Genesis Elevators Honors our Fallen Heroes!

Genesis Elevator Company is  often looking for ways to give to charities or those in need. We believe it is important to give our employees the opportunity to be apart of something that reaches beyond ourselves and into the hearts of the needy or into the lives of those who are making a difference for others. We’ve recently taken up a collection to donate to the Wreaths Across America Campaign. These funds will provide wreaths to be placed on the grave sights at Arlington Cemetery this Saturday, December 17, 2016, to honor the memory of the many fallen heroes of this country, that fought so valiantly for our freedoms. Each wreath provided by Genesis will have a place card  honoring our team members who are or have served in our military forces. 

An act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.
—Amelia Earhart


Your Home Elevator is Just a Call Away!

Here are some recent installations for home elevators and several very happy customers! Are you in the market for one in the near future? Give Genesis Elevator Company of Atlanta, Ga. a call! We service all your needs from start to finish! We aren’t happy until our customers are happy! Call us at 770-423-1095 and we can get you started on the elevator of your dreams!
Completed a 3 stop hydraulic installation for Mr. and Mrs. Fox in Peachtree City. (Happy Customer!)
Completed a 3 stop hydraulic installation for Jim Bankes (contractor) in the River Club Subdivision on Middle Fork Trail (Happy Customer!)
Completed a 3 stop hydraulic installation for RLS construction on Townsend Place NW in Atlanta GA(Happy Customer!)
Completed a 3 stop hydraulic installation for Jason Picciano (contractor) on Wildwood Rd NE in Atlanta (Happy Customer!)

Genesis Elevator’s Featured Friday Technician!


Pierpaolo Cecot is one of our skilled technicians here at Genesis Elevator Company. We wanted everyone to get to know him a little better, so we asked Pierpaolo to tell us a little more about himself and how he came to be a Genesis Elevator Company employee. We are so fortunate to have hired him and everyone loves working with Pierpaolo. Following are his answers to our interview.

1)Tell us about your family. 

I am from Italy where I have two younger brothers and my parents. I met my wife about 8 years ago while she was in Italy studying food and wine in my town. I moved here to Atlanta with my her(she is from Marietta) a year and a half ago.

2) How long have you been in the elevator industry?

I found a job with Genesis thanks to my previous four years of experience with elevators in Italy, so now I have been in the field for 5 years.

3) What is your tenure with Genesis?

I have worked with Genesis since last December. I started in commercial new construction department and since August, I am part of the service department team doing PMs, troubleshooting, and repairs in both commercial and residential areas.

5)What do you like about working for Genesis and being a technician?

What I like about working with Genesis is the fact that I can learn everyday something new and improve my skills by talking with the others technicians.
Being a technician, and especially an elevator mechanic is great. You have the opportunity to work with all kinds of tools. You are an electrician, a plumber, a mechanic, a construction worker, a carpenter and sometimes you even have some office work.  

4) What are your likes?

 I enjoy reading books (in English now), hanging out with friends, and cooking with my wife.

7) What is your “believe it or not moment in a hoistway”? (i.e. scariest moment, most surprising moment, most confusing, funniest, etc.)

Believe it or not, one time I was looking for the jacks for a big elevator in a wine cellar in Italy and then I realized I was sitting on them! There were two gigantic jacks the size of a couch!

Thank you Pierpalo for being a part of our team here at Genesis Elevator Company of Atlanta, Ga.!


Genesis Elevator teams up with Chateau Elan!

img_5150  img_5149

The red or the white?  Genesis elevator of Atlanta, Georgia recently completed installation of several commercial elevators at Chateau Elan.   Much akin to Genesis in this respect, Chateau Elan has more recently competed and won against many more larger and well known wineries out west.  We are thrilled to team up with yet another amazing organization!


The Duo Elevator – A Space Saver!

One of the biggest challenges to overcome when installing a regular home elevator is space. And not only space, but making sure the space is in the right place.
A Stiltz home elevator lift requires much less room than a traditional elevator and does not need a supporting wall. Therefore, your options are far greater in terms of placement.
This flexibility also allows you to get quite creative in terms of where you place your home lift and find locations that may not be possible otherwise.
For a Stiltz Lift, one location often seen used is in the space we call a ‘stairwell void’.  This is the area that a spiral staircase, or one with several 90 degree turns, has running up through the middle of it.  There is not a lot that can be done with this space from a practical standpoint, but is often the perfect position for the Stiltz home elevatorThe Duo Elevator is probably the best option as it takes up less than seven square feet and only requires a space of around 41 inches wide by 29 inches deep.  It also has a rounded back which is the perfect shape for spiral staircases.
This is one more example of Genesis Elevator providing a solution to meet every need.  From the budget conscious to the ornate, we will custom build to fit every time. 

Genesis Elevator Company Is Hiring!

Elevator Apprentice/Helper (Georgia)
The ELEVATOR TRADE men and women are the highest skilled and highest paid people on any construction site or of any building maintenance services trades in United States. Genesis Elevator is one of the fastest growing and largest independent elevator companies in the South East. We are looking for a select few entry level skilled trades people who want to make a career in the elevator industry.
Genesis unique Pay for Performance system ensures that team members are paid a graduating hourly rate for their performance. In addition 15% of all company profit is paid out in bonuses to those who excel in a given calendar year.
So, If you want to be a part of our family company and work for a faith-based organization that promotes from with-in and pays for performance, we might be the right company for you.
If interested please call 678.540.4461 and you will be prompted to provide information for consideration. You will be notified with in 3 business days if you have been selected to participate in our hiring process.
Principals only. Recruiters, please don’t contact this job poster.
Do NOT contact us with unsolicited services or offers.