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Stylish Interiors

Bo 2.5.16

The decision to purchase an elevator for your home is an exciting venture.  There are many options to consider, as an elevator should complement not only the interior of your home, but also your individual style.  An elevator interior can be customized to suit your design needs.  Raised wood panels made of knotty pine, oak, maple or mahogany are just a few of your choices.  If a contemporary look is what you are after, consider stainless steel or a polished mirrored finish.

Genesis Elevator Company will custom build to fit any taste or style. Call us today to customize your style: 770-423-1095


Keep Your Elevator in Working Order

out of order cartoon

Whether your elevator is commercial or residential, keeping up with the maintenance of your elevator will prolong the life of your investment. Your elevator can work better, longer, and more efficiently with the right plan.

Call Genesis Elevator Company today for a survey, repair, service, or modernization of your elevator. We are a full service elevator company, and we want to take you to the next level!



Maintaining Your Elevator

The list of reasons as to why a commercial elevator could shut down are nearly endless.  Much like a car, there are a multitude of moving parts that all work together. The good news is, with routine elevator maintenance, the chances of a problem are minimized. The trick is to be proactive so as to avoid surprises!

In the picture below the air conditioning unit has malfunctioned.  Left in this manner, the room will likely get too hot or too cold which could trigger the elevator to shut down.

ac malfunction

In doing routine service visits such as these, Genesis Elevator Company was able to report the problem to the maintenance manager to have the AC fixed before this became a problem.

Do you have an issue with your elevator?  Call Genesis Elevator of Atlanta, Georgia today!



Safety is Important!

When considering a modernization of your building or new construction, it is of utmost importance to keep safety in mind.  Even items that seem small or superficial may, in the end, save a life.

In the elevator industry there is so much pressure to rush and meet deadlines that safety may potentially be overlooked.  Take this picture for instance:


There are barricades, but they are non-removable, yet impractical. When work commences, it is not realistic to expect that they will stay in place, but removing these barricades creates a fall hazard.  The appropriate solution is to place removable barricades in front of the elevator shaft.   Also, note the wet conditions;  not only is this bad for the materials, but also when working with 3-phase power, this creates a very dangerous situation. Proper drainage and weather precautions are important to keep a job site safe. Situations like this need to be promptly addressed and corrected to maintain a safe environment.

Elevator safety is everyone’s responsibility, and we work with our contractors to keep the work environment a safe place for everyone.


Hospitality on the Rise

The hospitality market in Georgia has been performing well. This is remarkable as many service businesses came to a near stand-still back in 2009-2012. In fact, during that time less than a dozen hotels were built in our State! The fact that occupancy rates are back up is indicative of increased travel for both business and pleasure.

It goes without saying that most, if not all, hotels have elevators! Code requires elevators in most cases. Major brands such as Hampton Inn, Marriott, La Quinta, Best Western, Home 2 Suites, and Holiday Inn, to name a few, all require elevators in their specifications.

The team at Genesis Elevator Company of Atlanta, GA are seasoned professionals at helping design and plan for elevators at hotels or adding an elevator to an existing hotel!

Give us a call today for an estimate on an elevator at your hotel!




Fresh Starts in 2016

Happy New Year!  With a new year comes a breath of fresh air!  New opportunities, turning over new leaves, and a chance to renew commitments!  We hope that you and your families, careers, and businesses benefit greatly from these goals.

Considering fresh starts, this is the time to consider upgrading your elevator service. We strive to  provide next level service and to go above and beyond the industry standard. We’ll help you get a game plan for taking care of those lingering repair needs or modernizing your elevator in 2016!

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Committed to Excellence: Ongoing Training

As part of our ongoing commitment to excellence, Genesis Elevator continually seeks to train our team members. Through this training we send out knowledgeable, safety-oriented  individuals who will take you to the next level.

Whether your needs are Commercial or Residential, we are a full service elevator company. Give Genesis Elevator a call today to learn more about installations, service, repair and modernizations!


ongoing training


Merry Christmas from Genesis Elevator Company

From all of us at Genesis Elevator Company, we wish you all a blessed Christmas.

We pray that today would be a time of comfort, joy and peace.



We’re Hiring!

Would you like to be part of a “Next Level” company? Genesis Elevator Company is hiring for 2 positions.

Please call the corresponding number for more information:

Accounts Payable/Human Resource Clerk – 678.922.8211

Outside Sales – 678.540.4461

We are excited to expand the Genesis Elevator team!


A Fresh New Look: Modernization

It is important to keep up with your elevator’s annual maintenance as scheduled. Eventually, there will come a time when you will need to modernize your existing elevator.

There may be several reasons to do a modernization on an elevator. Some modernizations include replacing old worn out mechanical components with fresh, more efficient parts; other modernizations are cosmetic to bring the elevator cab interior finishes up to date with a stylish new look.

Your clients and tenants will feel much more at ease riding a newly modernized elevator. Genesis Elevator Company specializes in breathing new life in your old dreary elevator. Call us today to schedule a one-on-one walk though of your buildings vertical transportation needs. 770-423-1095