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Genesis Elevator Partners With Edward Andrews

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Genesis Elevator Company has partnered with Edward Andrews, creating a truly perfect opportunity to move into a brand new way of living and discover what it means to truly come home. When you pull into Havenridge, you might catch the glow of embers from the fireplace or hear the drifting laughter of your neighbors enjoying dinner by the pool.  Convenient to all that East Cobb has to offer, Havenridge makes your modern life easy with hassle-free living.  Here, homes are designed to both meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Edward Andrews has created floor plans offering Genesis’ home elevators as an option.  All of the homes are built with closets stacked and sized to accommodate a personal residential elevator.  As the home is sold, the unit is completely elevator ready.  As the family’s needs change through the years, the home elevator concept creates a simple environment to adjust to those changes.





High Quality Products and Service for your Home Elevator Needs

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We at Genesis Elevator Company are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality product and our customers rank us the highest in quality of service.  For both new construction and retrofit projects, we provide turn-key solutions for any and all of your elevator needs.  From the ornate to the budget conscious, we build to fit every time.  A great look provided recently is seen on a Mark Anthony Homes project in Buckhead.  Genesis provided the installation of a 3 stop residential hydraulic elevator and the cab was detailed with an applied panel trim.  The look was finished with a rich dark stain and an antique mirror.  Great job Mark and we look forward to the next one!


What You Can’t See, CAN Hurt You!


BOO!  No- this isn’t part of a haunted house, but we most definitely heard  screams after showing our customer how their elevator pit looked.  Many building owners call us for quotes on commercial elevator repairs, modernizations, or service.  Far too often when we come to survey, we find that the elevator’s maintenance has been very neglected.  Fact is, most customers don’t realize they are not getting what they pay for until they call us!   As you can see in this picture there is an obvious oil leak and trash in the pit.  Give Genesis elevator of Atlanta, Georgia a call today to have us properly maintain, repair, or modernize the elevator equipment in your building.  Happy halloween!!!


Consider a Wheelchair Lift!


Got an ADA need to get up & down 14 ft or less but don’t have $100,000 in the budget for an elevator?  Consider a wheelchair lift.  What most people don’t realize is that the cost of an elevator does not even include the cost of pulling power, building a hoistway, machine rooms, and other code required items.  All in even the least costly elevator is about $100,000!  On the other hand a wheelchair lift comes nearly all inclusive with only a minimal amount of general contractor work if any….and at a cost of mid $30ks for a taller one!  Give Genesis elevator of Atlanta Georgia a call, for all your commercial elevator needs! 


Updating and Modernization- Change is Good!


Fall is here and things are changing outside! Beauty is all around us! Trees are beginning to lose their leaves to sustain their life cycle. While it is good for nature to lose the old for the new, so it is also for existing elevators that begin to show age with time. Parts you can’t see such as door operators and controllers may need to be replaced.  Even with the best of care, an elevator with age that has traveled many miles, making thousands of trips, will eventually need to be replaced or thoroughly modernized. If you have older elevator equipment we encourage you to be proactive and check into getting an elevator modernization as soon as possible so that you can address the problems or at least budget it for the elevator repair/modernization. Call Genesis Elevator today for all of your updating needs!



Safety First


Genesis Elevator Company looks at everyone on our team as family.  As such, safety is non-negotiable.  We are bent on making sure that everyone returns home each evening to their family safely.  In an office environment, I am sure that you will agree, this would not be a challenging task.  However, the job site environment for an elevator mechanic is inherently challenging as to safety.  For the sake of our team and their families at home, we not only insist that all OSHA safety requirements be met,  but invest heavily to ensure compliance in the field.  The elevator trade is one of the more dangerous trades in the construction industry.  The Genesis Elevator management team affords every opportunity to minimize  that danger as much as possible.


Code Compliance for Home Elevators

If you’re in the process of having a home elevator installed, talk to your contractor about the 3/4″ by 3″ rule to make sure your elevator will be code compliant. If your home elevator is already in place, Genesis Elevator Company will be happy to help you asses compliance to this code. Don’t take it for granted that your installer will have seen to this. Hoistway doors are usually framed in by somebody other than the elevator contractor, and often does not comply with code.
If your home elevator has more space than the safety rule allows, shut down and disable it as soon as possible. There are several possible approaches to fixing a non-compliant elevator, short of reframing the doors. A simple door plug device can be installed to prevent children from accessing this space.

An Educated Buyer is a Smart Buyer


“Nonproprietary” by definition is simply the opposite of “proprietary” – which, when it comes to elevators, is a word you seriously do not want to hear. A proprietary part, such as the mainboard controller of an elevator, is a “black box” that only the original manufacturer knows how to make and service. So for elevator manufacturers, proprietary means “big profits.” For the elevator end-users, however, proprietary can mean “slow service,” “special tools required,” “expensive replacement parts,” or even “dead elevator with replacement parts no longer made.”

Home Elevator or Commercial Elevator, you definitely want a controller that is, “nonproprietary”.   It will save you money, save you time, and save you aggravation.

Home Elevator Installation Space Requirements

A very common question for someone considering a home elevator is, ‘How much space does it require?’  The quick answer is about 5′ x 5′.  However, there are many factors that specifically define the space requirements for a home elevator.
First, which home elevator technology would you prefer?  We install them all and can share with you the benefits of each.
Second, do you require multiple openings to your residential elevator?  Often, the home floor plan requires that you enter on one side at one floor, and exit a different side at the next floor.
Third, some home elevators require a shallow recess in the slab and others do not.  Would the construction of your home afford the installation of a pit?
Fourth, is the desired cab size.  We have suggested dimensions for a cab of a specific size.  However, don’t worry, we custom build to fit in every situation.  If space is a concern, we have home elevators that will fit in a space as small as a 32” diameter.
Fifth, is the ceiling height.  Every residential elevator technology is unique in this requirement and is also driven by the desired interior height of the cab.
All five of these factors are important and a site visit by a home elevator professional is necessary to determine the exact space requirements for a home elevator installation.  Genesis Elevator Company will provide this complimentary service, so call us today to schedule your visit.

Genesis Elevator Awards Ceremony

Genesis Elevator Company has always labeled ourselves as a faith based company. We run this company with an attitude of doing things right the first time because we know we answer to not only our customers, but to God, to whom we want to please in all that we say and do and in decisions that are made daily. Genesis encourages its employees and leadership to carry with them daily this attitude of serving others. Through this, Genesis has begun giving out each year the Eric Plummer Award to one individual who exemplifies this walk of faith in their day to day duties. This year’s Award recipient goes to Bo Collins. Congratulations Bo in putting your faith first and being the godly example to others each and every day!

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We also choose to acknowledge and honor hard work and dedication to our company. Each year we give out the President’s Award to one individual who has shown these attributes above and beyond what is required. This year the Award goes to Steven Kyle. Congratulations Steven on a job well done!

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