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“Nonproprietary” by definition is simply the opposite of “proprietary” – which, when it comes to elevators, is a word you seriously do not want to hear. A proprietary part, such as the mainboard controller of an elevator, is a “black box” that only the original manufacturer knows how to make and service. So for elevator manufacturers, proprietary means “big profits.” For the elevator end-users, however, proprietary can mean “slow service,” “special tools required,” “expensive replacement parts,” or even “dead elevator with replacement parts no longer made.”

Home Elevator or Commercial Elevator, you definitely want a controller that is, “nonproprietary”.   It will save you money, save you time, and save you aggravation.

Home Elevator Installation Space Requirements

A very common question for someone considering a home elevator is, ‘How much space does it require?’  The quick answer is about 5′ x 5′.  However, there are many factors that specifically define the space requirements for a home elevator.
First, which home elevator technology would you prefer?  We install them all and can share with you the benefits of each.
Second, do you require multiple openings to your residential elevator?  Often, the home floor plan requires that you enter on one side at one floor, and exit a different side at the next floor.
Third, some home elevators require a shallow recess in the slab and others do not.  Would the construction of your home afford the installation of a pit?
Fourth, is the desired cab size.  We have suggested dimensions for a cab of a specific size.  However, don’t worry, we custom build to fit in every situation.  If space is a concern, we have home elevators that will fit in a space as small as a 32” diameter.
Fifth, is the ceiling height.  Every residential elevator technology is unique in this requirement and is also driven by the desired interior height of the cab.
All five of these factors are important and a site visit by a home elevator professional is necessary to determine the exact space requirements for a home elevator installation.  Genesis Elevator Company will provide this complimentary service, so call us today to schedule your visit.

Genesis Elevator Awards Ceremony

Genesis Elevator Company has always labeled ourselves as a faith based company. We run this company with an attitude of doing things right the first time because we know we answer to not only our customers, but to God, to whom we want to please in all that we say and do and in decisions that are made daily. Genesis encourages its employees and leadership to carry with them daily this attitude of serving others. Through this, Genesis has begun giving out each year the Eric Plummer Award to one individual who exemplifies this walk of faith in their day to day duties. This year’s Award recipient goes to Bo Collins. Congratulations Bo in putting your faith first and being the godly example to others each and every day!

bo-receives-award-2   bo-receives-award


We also choose to acknowledge and honor hard work and dedication to our company. Each year we give out the President’s Award to one individual who has shown these attributes above and beyond what is required. This year the Award goes to Steven Kyle. Congratulations Steven on a job well done!

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Safety Training Meeting for Genesis Elevator Company

We pride ourselves in extensive safety training of our employees each year. It is of upmost priority for our company that our employees be updated, trained, and reminded of the importance of safety on the job sites at all times. Here is our latest Safety Training Meeting. It was informative as well as enjoyed by all in attendance.

saftety-training4     saftety-training3   saftety-training   genesis-awards    awards-pics  saftety-training5  saftety-training2


Pneumatic Elevators for Modern and Stylish Living

A pneumatic vacuum elevator can improve mobility at home without overwhelming your living space.  This product is a conversation piece that can enhance the appearance of your house and offer a 360-degree view of the interior as you travel between floors. It can be attached to a balcony or travel through a hole in the floor.
A pneumatic vacuum, elevator operates using changes in air pressure to move the cab. A vacuum seal is built into the ceiling of the cab, and turbines at the top draw air out of the tube to push the cab upward. When the cab reaches its destination, steel brakes secure it to the landing. To go down, the turbines turn on to lift the cab off the brakes, and then the cab descends slowly and quietly and engages the brakes.
Should the pneumatic vacuum elevator be a product of interest, feel free to contact Genesis Elevator Company.  We would be happy to schedule a survey and share with you how this home elevator is the easiest in the industry to retrofit into an existing home.

Genesis Elevator Company is partnering with Camden Homes and Reynolds Plantation


About 90 miles east of Atlanta and about 70 miles west of Augusta in the rolling lake country of Georgia, Reynolds Lake Oconee is a club and resort of uncommon character.
Dating back 100 years, Reynolds Plantation, now known as Reynolds Lake Oconee, has evolved into a globally recognized resort, community and club, defined by the welcoming traditions of Southern hospitality.  Reynolds Lake Oconee is an extraordinary community of distinct families and distinct homes overlooking forests, fairways, and the sparkling waters of Lake Oconee. 
Genesis Elevator Company is proud to partner with Camden Homes and Reynolds plantation as a new model home begins construction in this beautiful community.  A luxury hydraulic home elevator will be installed and is a product exemplary of the quality and luxury synonymous with the Genesis Elevator name.   From the budget conscious to the ornate, we have a solution no matter the need.

World Series!

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Genesis Elevator of Atlanta was proud to support these young Athletes! Congratulations to the 13 and under World Series Champs!



Construction in Atlanta sure seems like a different world compared to what we all experienced in 2008-2011! It is great to see job sites sprouting up and concrete trucks back on the road! Pictured below are 2 job sites, a retail center in Alpharetta and a school in Rome, Ga, where we are about to install 2 new commercial elevators. Need a quotation to install commercial elevators in Georgia or just have some questions? Give us a call today!




Meeting Code Requirements & Modernization

A commercial elevator is not all that different from a vehicle in that it needs routine maintenance and repairs. It is a mechanical piece of equipment that experiences wear and tear. Just like an older car wouldn’t be able to pass an emissions inspection without perhaps adding a catalytic converter, an elevator jack older than 1979 more than likely has a single wall jack that no longer meets code. For safety reasons the code authority ruled that double wall jacks are required. Got a commercial building older than 1979? If so, it’s time to call us to get a modernization proposal and let’s get you up to 2016!!”IMG_3937


Residential Elevator Solutions


Whether you’re looking at new construction or retrofitting an existing home, you’re looking for craftsmanship and long-term quality. Genesis Elevator Company can provide both.

As Georgia’s provider for residential elevator solutions, all our elevators are custom-built to fit the space you provide.