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Genesis Elevator teams up with Chateau Elan!

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The red or the white?  Genesis elevator of Atlanta, Georgia recently completed installation of several commercial elevators at Chateau Elan.   Much akin to Genesis in this respect, Chateau Elan has more recently competed and won against many more larger and well known wineries out west.  We are thrilled to team up with yet another amazing organization!


The Duo Elevator – A Space Saver!

One of the biggest challenges to overcome when installing a regular home elevator is space. And not only space, but making sure the space is in the right place.
A Stiltz home elevator lift requires much less room than a traditional elevator and does not need a supporting wall. Therefore, your options are far greater in terms of placement.
This flexibility also allows you to get quite creative in terms of where you place your home lift and find locations that may not be possible otherwise.
For a Stiltz Lift, one location often seen used is in the space we call a ‘stairwell void’.  This is the area that a spiral staircase, or one with several 90 degree turns, has running up through the middle of it.  There is not a lot that can be done with this space from a practical standpoint, but is often the perfect position for the Stiltz home elevatorThe Duo Elevator is probably the best option as it takes up less than seven square feet and only requires a space of around 41 inches wide by 29 inches deep.  It also has a rounded back which is the perfect shape for spiral staircases.
This is one more example of Genesis Elevator providing a solution to meet every need.  From the budget conscious to the ornate, we will custom build to fit every time. 

Genesis Elevator Company Is Hiring!

Elevator Apprentice/Helper (Georgia)
The ELEVATOR TRADE men and women are the highest skilled and highest paid people on any construction site or of any building maintenance services trades in United States. Genesis Elevator is one of the fastest growing and largest independent elevator companies in the South East. We are looking for a select few entry level skilled trades people who want to make a career in the elevator industry.
Genesis unique Pay for Performance system ensures that team members are paid a graduating hourly rate for their performance. In addition 15% of all company profit is paid out in bonuses to those who excel in a given calendar year.
So, If you want to be a part of our family company and work for a faith-based organization that promotes from with-in and pays for performance, we might be the right company for you.
If interested please call 678.540.4461 and you will be prompted to provide information for consideration. You will be notified with in 3 business days if you have been selected to participate in our hiring process.
Principals only. Recruiters, please don’t contact this job poster.
Do NOT contact us with unsolicited services or offers.

Congratulations Genesis Elevator of Atlanta!


Congratulations Genesis Elevator Company of Atlanta, Ga. on being awarded as a 2016 Southeast Top Specialty Contractors by ‘ENR Southeast’! We work hard to serve the needs of our customers on a daily basis and awards like these only serve to confirm this for us!


Wheelchair Lifts Need Maintaining!


Many of our customers think that wheelchair lifts do not need preventative maintenance.  However, like any other conveying piece of equipment, wheelchair lifts, like cars, are mechanical pieces of equipment that need preventative maintenance.  Need a wheelchair lift or Service on your existing wheelchair lift?  Call Genesis Elevator of Atlanta, Georgia today for all your commercial elevator needs!


Home Elevators Are More Than Just Luxurious


Although some may have a home elevator installed as a luxury item,  residential home elevators are helpful devices as well. They are not only for the aged individuals who are mobility impaired that may use a wheelchair or walker, but also for any person who desires to move frequently between various floors with ease. Some individuals may have a permanent back or leg injury, making stair ways almost impossible. Rather than absorbing the expenses and time of relocating, many choose to have an elevator retrofitted into their beloved existing home.

The key advantage of using a residential home elevator is avoiding  possible accidents and injury especially for those with loved ones who are weak, recovering from a medical illness, or aging.  Besides transporting people, residential home elevators can also carry luggage, furniture, home decorating items, seasonal home articles,  groceries and other heavy items making your home living more versatile.

Genesis Elevator is licensed in most southeastern states and is a leading installer of residential elevators. Give us a call for all of your home elevator needs!


Elevators Are Our Business!


Most people know little if anything about elevators, let alone the details (of which there are many)! Here is an example of a car operating panel….which is quite complex!  Call Genesis Elevator of Atlanta and let the experts worry about the details! Whether you are in need of Residential or Commercial elevator repair, maintenance, or installation….we are the ones to call! We strive for perfection every time!


Cleanliness is Essential


It is important to keep your commercial elevator equipment room as clean as possible.  Many people tend to believe that it’s “out of site/out of mind”.   However- consider the following.  First, The state elevator inspector is within their right to shut the elevator down if this room is a mess!  Second, an untidy room equates to a safety hazard.  In the event of an emergency you certainly do not want someone tripping over parts trying to access equipment quickly. Lastly- most service agreements call for the maintenance provider to keep this room clean. Hold them to it!

At Genesis Elevator of Atlanta, Ga., we take pride in our work and will keep your equipment clean & running smooth!  Give us a call today to give you a Maintenance proposal on your commercial elevator equipment.


Genesis Home Elevators in River Club Subdivision

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Genesis Elevator Company of Atlanta, Georgia has recently installed yet another elegant elevator at the River Club subdivision in Gwinnett County, bordering the natural beauty of the Chattahoochee River. More are scheduled for installation soon and we would be glad to take you on a tour to give you an idea of what Genesis has to offer! Give us a call to schedule a tour at your convenience. River Club was voted “Best of Gwinnett winner for Best Neighborhood” in 2014. We are proud to be the more prominent service provider for all elevator solutions in the River Club subdivision.


Options For Your Home Elevator Needs


Going up?

We are going places and regardless of the setting, most often it is up.  As one of North America’s largest dealers, we are meeting the demand in commercial and residential settings.  Home elevators, sometimes referred to as residential elevators, are elevators that are designed and manufactured specifically for use within a single private residence. They are considered a type of “Special Application Elevator”. There are safety codes and standards which are published specifically to regulate this equipment.  Many have asked if it is possible to install a commercial elevator in a home and the national code certainly allows for this provision.  As Genesis Elevator Company is a full service provider, commercial equipment installed in a residential setting is provided often.  We have also been asked if it is possible to install a residential elevator in a commercial setting.  Unfortunately, the national code does not give us that freedom.   Home elevators by code must serve a single family dwelling.  So, though your project may be commercial or residential,  an ornate taste or simply just meeting a budget conscious need, Genesis Elevator Company will custom build a solution for you.