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Genesis Service Pledge

At Genesis Elevator Company of Atlanta, we strive for excellence in all that we do. As a team, this is what we pledge to do for our customers:

Genesis Service Pledge

  1. Respond to customer requests promptly.
  2. Visit our customer, when possible, check in and check out with them during visits.
  3. Remember to always ask if there is anything else we can do for them.
  4. Deliver what we promise, and promptly.
  5. Exceed our customer’s expectations.
  6. We take pride in our company, and our work.
  7. Continue to expand our knowledge and skills to enhance our ability and to help our customers.
  8. Focus on  uncompromising work quality.
  9. Be thankful for our customers and their business.

We want to take you to the Next Level of service. Give Genesis Elevator Company a call at 770-423-1095 for all of your elevator service needs.

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Happy 4th of July from Genesis Elevator!


From all of us at Genesis Elevator Company of Atlanta, we wish you all a very safe and Happy 4th of July.

We are grateful for those who have sacrificed for our freedom, and we thank those who sacrifice daily to keep that freedom in place.


Elevator Repair: Panels

Regularly used equipment, such as elevators need occasional repairs and replacements to maintain their quality. Our customers with public elevators occasionally run in to the challenge of wear and tear to their elevator panels, as shown in the picture below.

Panel Repair

Are your elevator panels in need of repair? Call Genesis Elevator Company of Atlanta for you free quote! 770-423-1095


A Residential Crossover

Benecki Homes is known for building homes that are unique and on a scale that is all their own. Often, their homes include residential elevators, and their latest project is of no exception.

When installing an elevator in a home you would expect the elevator to be a typical home elevator, but not in this case.  The bottom floor in this project encompasses a full-size indoor tennis court, and accessing that floor is a commercial elevator installed by Genesis Elevator Company of Atlanta.  If you are looking for a product that is ornate, fully accessible, and a greater capacity, why not consider a commercial elevator as opposed to a residential elevator?



Call Genesis Elevator today for your home or commercial elevator needs! 770-423-1095


Tate Elementary School

Genesis Elevator Company is proud to be teaming up with J&R Construction on the new addition to Tate Elementary School in Tate, GA.


This addition will add a much needed gymnasium and three-stop elevator to the school.


Wheelchair Lifts and More

Genesis Elevator Company of Atlanta offers a wide variety of vertical transportation equipment to meet commercial and residential accessibility needs.

Featured below are a wheelchair lift and an inclined platform lift. Both lifts will help businesses comply with ADA standards. Call Genesis Elevator Company of Atlanta today to meet your accessibility needs!  770-423-1095

Wheelchair Lift

Coke IPLs


Full Service

Lifts and elevators are among the most utilized assets in high rise buildings today. It is the one system that tenants directly interact with and depend upon. The performance is a great part of the image of the building and/or facility.

Genesis Elevator provides vertical transportation systems repair, modernization, installation and service. Specializing in commercial elevators, freight elevators, and escalators.

We have qualified technicians and consultants that will provide a clear solution to your vertical transport needs, ranging from code compliance to cab aesthetics, repairs and modernizations to monthly service.

Call Genesis Elevator Company today to take your vertical transportation to the next level! 770-423-1095


A Clear Option

Here’s a home elevator option that will open things up. A clear gate can give yon open feel in a small space such as an residential elevator.


This gate was recently added to one of 6 home elevators that Genesis is installing for Blue Door Homes in the Tresca Subdivision of Santa Rosa Beach, FL. This option can be paired with an observation panel (a window), or a mirror to give you added perception of making a small space larger. If the construction of the elevator shaft permits, we can also go up to 8 feet in height with a platform size of up to 15 square feet, which is the maximum allowed by residential elevator code. Why feel closed in when Genesis Elevators can provide you with options to fully enjoy your home elevator experience? 770-423-1095



JE Dunn and the Orange Duffel Bag Initiative

We would like to take a moment to recognize JE Dunn Construction and their recent contribution to the Orange Duffel Bag Initiative.

According to their Facebook page: “The Orange Duffel Bag Initiative delivers certified executive life plan coaching and advocacy to homeless youth, teens in foster care and those aging out.”

On Tuesday, JE Dunn and The Orange Duffel Bag Initiative announced that JE Dunn contributed $15,000 towards this wonderful cause to benefit the youth of America.

We are proud of JE Dunn and this wonderful contribution to the community. Way to go!

To learn more about the Orange Duffel Bag Initiative, please visit their Facebook or their Website 


Heards Ferry Elementary

We are hard at work at Heards Ferry Elementary School!  This is an express project, and the job must be done before July. We are confident that the job will be done on time, and it will be done with the next level quality that Genesis is proud to provide.

Heards Ferry


Do you have an elevator you need installed in a hurry? We understand the construction industry has fast paced needs, and we will work with you to rise above the challenges! Give Genesis Elevator Company of Atlanta a call today! 770-423-1095