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Save Money and Trouble…Don’t Wait, Modernize Today!

Have an old elevator that needs a modernization? Don’t wait!!!! Elevators are just like owning a vehicle. If you put off repairs and upgrades the problem only worsens making them potentially dangerous and certainly more costly. Most elevators are good for about 30 years before you need to start modernizing critical components. Far too often Genesis elevator will visit needed modernization sites for our customers in Atlanta and throughout Georgia to find that they actually needed an elevator modernization 10-30 years ago!!! So, don’t delay…call Genesis for a modernization today!!


Partnering With Sheehan Built Homes

Genesis Elevator Company has partnered with Sheehan Built Homes to provide an elevator solution in the Windsong Townhome project. Say hello to the Luxury and Style of Alpharetta living at its finest. Give us a call and let Genesis Elevator custom build a solution to bring convenience and accessibility to your life style.


Consider a Wheel Chair Lift!

Have an ADA need in your building but don’t have the space, resources, nor budget for an elevator? Consider a wheel chair lift. Also known as a Vertical Platform lift. We offer several projects that can help those with disabilities easily navigate throughout your building! Check out these animations to get an idea of what we can offer. Copy and paste the following link.

Please call Genesis for a quote today!


Outside the Box

It took some “outside the box” thinking but Genesis was able to figure out how to get an elevator to fit into a pre-existing building with limited space and constraints. We were proud to team up with Takeuchi and install an elevator in their facility! Need a quotation on a commercial elevator install or commercial elevator modernization in Atlanta or anywhere in Georgia? Give Genesis Elevator company of Atlanta, Ga. a call today!


College Degree Vs. Trade School…That is the Question!

Today it seems like everyone thinks they are supposed to go to college. This should come as no surprise since we have absolutely crammed this idea down everyone’s throat for the last few decades. Whereas perhaps a college degree used to be the “meal ticket” for success the problem now days is that demand for higher education (and with watered down academic standards) comes a multitude of educational institutions which have quite literally sprouted up on every street corner and online and there is a limitless list of degrees one can choose from. The result….kids are graduating with debt up to their eyeballs and often times with a degree that means nothing to hiring employers. Another consequence of this phenomenon is that with the mass movement to higher education the skilled trades of this country are in higher demand now than they ever have been. There is currently an extreme shortage of plumbers, electricians, crane operators….and elevator technicians. Not a surprising statistic, although seemingly ignored, the salaries of said positions have increase dramatically in the last 2 decades, much more in fact than those with college degrees (and without near the debt). I do not intend to dismiss the importance of education, nor discourage anyone from pursuing an academic program to reach a respective dream. However- I do offer up a consideration that college may not be for everyone and for every dream. God saw fit to give us each a different skill set and we should use ours accordingly. Good with your hands? A natural troubleshooter? Perhaps you are naturally able to visualize how something is supposed to go together, get wired up, welded together…etc.? Consider a trades school or an apprenticeship of a skilled trade. Genesis Elevator is always looking for sharp-minded and hungry young men and women who want to pursue a position as an elevator technician for elevator installation, elevator service, and elevator modernization. Give Genesis Elevator a call today if you are interested in joining our wonderful team! You are valued at Genesis!


Simpler Solutions With Genesis Elevators

Customer~ “Great- we just built this beautiful new performing arts building but the inspector won’t pass because of ADA access! We are going to have to tear these steps out and build a ramp!!!!”

Been down this road? Nothing is more stressful than trying to get a CO. In this case Genesis was able to install a wheel chair lift….more particularly, an inclined platform lift that enabled the school to keep their stairs and use them when the lift is not in use (it folds against the wall, as shown in the example pic.)

If you have a problem with accessibility,  we have a solution! Give genesis a call today for all you elevator service, elevator modernization, or elevator installation needs.


Genesis Installs Elevators in The Manor

Located inside lushly landscaped entrance gates, The Manor subdivision is set among 800 acres of beautiful rolling hills, the setting sits majestically overlooking shimmering Lake Manor. The architecturally timeless European design combines rich, old-world details like cozy fireplaces with modern-day comforts. Of the homes in this development, Genesis has installed elevators in quite a few of them. Most recently we completed a home elevator installation form the Forrer residence. Note the walnut walls and dark stain consistent with the Manor ambiance. Simply elegant!


Genesis Elevator is a Faith Based Company


Genesis is a faith based company who values honesty, doing the right thing, and accountability. These pillars of Christian faith have served us well and we thank God everyday for our business, employees, and customers who make it all happen! Thank you for allowing Genesis Elevator to serve all of your elevator needs!


Residential Elevators Are Becoming Commonplace

An elevator allows Aging in Place to become a reality in all detached or semi-detached multi-story homes.
With these socio-economic trends in play, some questions come to mind for those in the home construction industry:

Can an architect or designer afford not to allow for an elevator as a common feature in a spec or custom home?

Should any townhouse development that’s 3 stories above grade come standard with elevators?

Can a builder afford not to offer elevators as an option in an ever competitive landscape with well-educated buyers?

At what relative price (2.5% of average house value) will it be where choosing between an elevator and countertops are made in the same breath? Some would argue that we’re already there.
There’s never been a time where home buyers have had a broader choice of home styles, location options, ‘green’ features, design variety and convenience amenities. There’s also never been a time where buyers have had such a high level of expectation given these choices.

The elevator industry has kept pace with the trends, both functional and cosmetic – your clients will appreciate your forward-thinking approach as you offer home elevators in your future designs and builds.


Modernize today!

Call Genesis today to upgrade / modernize your equipment! If your elevator is not running well, is not cosmetically pleasing, or perhaps has stopped running altogether then its time for a modernization. Genesis Elevator specializes in elevator modernizations! Give us a call today.